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A Thobe Experience

A Thobe Experience

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Qamis was recently founded by the nationally renowned Middle-eastern wardrobe designer Salim BAJBER. He regularly featured in most mainstream media houses in Kenya. Qamiis is currently based in Mombasa, along Makadara Road..

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Qamiis offers a unique and exquisite shopping experience, our products are of the highest quality and we also offer tailor made service to meet the needs of our clientele. Our Kanzu collection is distinct and gives an exclusive look to our shoppers.


Our products are gracefully refined and dignified in style. Which are hand picked to be the best in the world. Focus on the essential features of a product. We keenly look at every detail from material, visual design, decoration & etc.


Our disposition of receiving and treating guests in a warm,friendly,generous way is top of the class. We always make sure you have the best experience in our boutique.From the explanation,details to the packaging of our products.

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Let your senses guide you through our exclusive boutique. Immerse yourself in our collections with experts on hand to help you specializes in Arabic and Swahili attire.We offer our clients a wide variety of choices ranging from Oud, English perfumes, Arabic perfumes and oil based perfumes.

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